We use creative workshops and coaching to help leaders and teams find solutions to business and community problems. Our approach teaches, excites and inspires teams to develop and transform their culture to achieve their strategic direction.

STRONG Teams offer solutions for organisations who want to create high performing teams, unlock their leader’s potential and achieve better business performance.

STRONG is an acronym for the attributes of high performing teams and organisations. The attributes are easy to learn and remember, they allow your leaders and teams to work towards a common goal. The attributes become a focus for your team, and support you to create a high performing culture throughout your whole organisation. When your workforce knows the attributes, you can measure and monitor your culture, and continually develop your team to make sure everyone is working together to achieve success.

Leadership Development

Coaching and supporting leaders to plan and achieve their organisational and team goals

Team Workshops

Training and research solutions to ensure that your staff are equipped to be productive, engaged and curious to learn and continuously improve

Conference Sessions

Dynamic solutions for conference and event organisers, icebreakers and breakout sessions

Team Building Events

Have fun while learning to build morale, improve communication and productivity within teams

Everything we do aims to achieve our purpose which is to help you create healthy, high performing teams. We use a variety of methods and strategies to engage and help people learn and improve, all of which lift your team and business performance. The more you lift, the stronger you get.


There are many reasons why you should design, nurture, monitor and create a team that has the attributes of STRONG Teams. These attributes are known to be characteristics of high performing teams and organisations. We will show you how to develop STRONG leaders and teams that:

focus on winning behaviours and results
are engaged, motivated and productive
make decisions which are good for the team
are creative and innovative
embrace and lead change
have respected and effective leaders
don't have unhealthy or toxic cultures – they call out bad behaviour
don't leave their culture to chance, they are accountable for it


  1. Based on research, we know what high performing teams do – and will share everything we know!
  2. We are fun and engaging – definitely not boring or forgettable
  3. We suit your time and budget – we have a solution for every team
  4. We help you create and lead change.

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I have learnt a great deal today, so much I didn’t know before.

Well done and thank you. You enabled every participant to have a voice.

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